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Four ways to start your day right

Do you get up and instantly check your phone? Try doing one of these four things first.

I’ll admit it – I’m a bit of social media addict.

Part of my job does involve being on social media, but there’s a lot of time when I’m online and it’s not for work. It’s for watching videos of cats and scrolling through Instagram and sitting glued to Twitter as someone live tweets The Bachelor.

I recently got married, and now that I’m sharing a room with someone, I’ve become a lot more aware of how my social media use has shaped my day. I start my day by checking my emails on my phone. I finish my day with one last scroll through Facebook.

But this is not how I want to start and end my days! So here are some of the better ways to bookend my day I’m trying – you might like to consider these as well.

Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible is a great way to begin your day. You’ll feed your mind with God’s word before anything happens, which will give you a framework to refer back to throughout the day. You’ll also have the whole day to reflect and meditate on what you have read and learned.

Reading the Bible at night is also a good idea – plenty of people already read before sleep, so it’s an easy way to make time for God. Slip in a couple of chapters of Romans before you open Harry Potter.


Praying before your day begins demonstrates dependence on God. You’re giving your goals, fears and dreams about the day to your Creator and Saviour, and letting him calm your worries and help you serve him faithfully throughout the day. A short prayer in the morning will also help you remember to turn to God in prayer throughout the day.

Praying at night is a great way to thank God for all the ways he blessed you throughout the day. You can also pray for the people you saw that day. Prayer can also help calm any anxieties you may have that will get in the way of sleep. Cast your burdens onto Jesus and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Get moving

Exercise in the morning is not the most appealing thing to me – I hate being cold, my bed is comfy and sport is NOT my thing. However, taking care of our bodies is a way we show respect and thankfulness to God for the life and health he has given us, so working in some exercise each day is important. Starting your day with a short run, following a workout video on YouTube or even just stretching will keep you fit, healthy and prepare you for a day out and about serving God. A healthy breakfast is also a good idea!

In the evening, getting active sometime before bed may help you sleep better. Just make sure you take a shower so you don’t make your sheets all sweaty!

Talk to someone

Who is home when you wake up in the morning? Are your parents getting ready for work? Are your siblings watching TV in the living room? Instead of staying in bed on your phone, get up and go and talk to them. Use the morning to build relationships, encourage your family and, if you’re in a Christian family, you could even pray together for your days.

At night, similarly, don’t head off to your room as soon as dinner is over and sit in your cave illuminated by the light of your laptop screen. Engage with those around you. Chat to your siblings, ask your parents how their day was and enjoy the precious time you have with your family.

How do you currently start and end your day? What changes could you make to use these hours to better glorify God?