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Honouring your non-Christian parents

Having a hard time at home because of your faith?

Being a Christian in a non-Christian household can be difficult but also can be beneficial for your personal walk with Jesus. How does one live with non-Christian parents?

Firstly, obey them.

Paul writes in Ephesians 6:1-3 that believing children should obey their parents, quoting the fifth commandment.

Paul’s words can also be applied when your parents aren’t Christian. Obey them because God tells you it is the right thing to do (verse 1) and it brings blessing from God (verse 2-3). Obedience to God always brings him glory. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily apply if your parents are trying to stop you following Jesus. Jesus comes first, but there are still ways to obey your parents, and show them that you love them:

  • Try and be the best child you can be for the Lord and for your parents. 
  • If you have chores to do at home, do them without complaining. 
  • Obey your parent’s curfews and tidy up your room. 
  • Wash up, even if you haven't been asked.  
  • Don’t speak back rudely to them but respect them. 

Doing things like this will be a great witness to the life that Jesus has given you. Your life may point your unbelieving parents to Christ and when the opportunity comes, share your faith with them. They may start to follow Jesus (it does happen!).

Going to church and youth group

If your parents don’t let you go to church or youth group then try and talk to them about it. You may be able to take them along one week so they can see what it is like. In the end, however, you need to honour their decision.

However, keep reading your Bible, join a Christian group at school during school hours and find some good Christian resources on the internet. God will not leave you alone. He will support you.

Secondly, keep praying for your parents, and never give up. God saves people and He knows your situation, so pray. Pray for yourself for strength to keep obeying them and God, even if it’s tough.

When you become an adult

Finally, if the situation doesn’t change and you are legally at the age to be independent (normally 18) and have prayed about it, you may need to assert your independence by moving out with friends or something similar. 

Whatever it is you decide to do, always respect and love your parents, and keep praying for them, but keep Jesus first.