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Homosexuality and Christianity: Part 3

Loving the homosexual community

It's been said that homosexuality has become so embedded in modern society that if one disagrees with it, they run the risk of being labelled homophobic or intolerant. That’s something I’ve often heard, but it’s a little unfair. For example, SMH journalist David Marr recently commented on the ABC programme Q&A in response to a Christian’s view on homosexuality;

"You people have no idea how unspeakably cruel you are… I have no patience with it anymore. It is just bigotry and cruelty and hatred."

It’s almost as if Christians are not allowed to speak about homosexuality anymore, which in a way is ironic, because a generation ago, it was homosexuality that was not allowed to be spoken of freely in society. Thankfully that time has passed, however, it’s equally tragic that Christians are now ‘gagged’ from speaking about their view.

So while we may disagree with homosexual practice, that’s not to say we are not to love those who are homosexual. You might remember Jesus telling us not only to love our friends, but also those who hate us!


"bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you". (Luke 6:28)


So while I hope this is not your experience, if this does happen, don’t be surprised, and don’t stop loving those who talk negatively towards you!

If you have a relative or you know someone at school who’s gay, I would say it’s not only great that you’re a friend to them, but even if they don’t like your opinion regarding their behaviour, you’re still to love them, and treat them better than they deserve. That’s how God treats all of us!


"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us". (Rom. 5:8)


It’s totally ok to disagree with someone and still love them! I disagree with my friends on lots of things, some of them very significant issues, but we are still very close mates. However, it often seems, that as soon as it comes to sexuality, if we disagree, we can’t speak anymore. That’s completely wrong.

As I conclude, I must say that throughout the ages, Christians have often treated all sorts of people badly. This is something we should deeply regret. We should endeavour to love everyone around us irrespective of their lifestyle or their treatment of us. If there are people at school who tell you they are gay, they will already feel somewhat ostracised. Why not make it a personal mission to befriend and care for them as Jesus would?