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God’s armour to help you in the fight

Are you prepared for a spiritual battle?

Did you know that we Christians are in a battle and have a military uniform to wear? The Apostle Paul sums up the letter to the Ephesians with a "call to arms". In Ephesians 6:10-20 Christians are commanded to put on the full armour of God because we are engaged in a battle with the devil. God offers us his own mighty, impenetrable armour to wear in this battle. What is this armour? It is the gospel of Jesus and a life lived in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus. Here's what's included in your outfit:

1. Belt of truth

Christians are to "wear" and practice truth. We need to know the truth, live the truth, contend for the truth and proclaim the truth about Jesus. Look to God's Word to equip you with his truth.

2. Breastplate of righteousness

We are declared righteous by God in the gospel and we are to live out this righteous declaration with righteous actions. 

3. Shoes of peace

Having been saved through the gospel, we should be prepared to be get on our feet and share the gospel with others - as we have received peace with God we are to be peacemakers too.

4. Shield of faith

The shield of faith protects from the accusations and attacks of the evil one. To wear it, keep believing and trusting in the power of God as you pray for his strength.

5. Helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit

We have been saved by grace, chosen by God and delivered from the jaws of death and judgment, and so we should rejoice with confidence in our salvation. And Ephesians says the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. It is our most powerful weapon! We are to read it, meditate on it, memorise it, live it and share it.

Are you ready?

So let me ask you then, are you fully dressed in the armour of God, ready for battle? Is there any part of your life not fully protected? Are you leaving parts of your life vulnerable to attack from the devil? Don't make yourself an easy target. Don't you be caught unprepared. It is dangerous to go into battle without full protection. Put on the full armour of God!