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Four resolutions for your new year

How will your relationship with God grow in 2015?

New Year’s Resolutions. They divide people.

Some love them; it’s the beginning of the year a chance to start afresh, to make changes and resolve to be better.

Others hate them; they can never keep their resolutions and think by making a resolution they are only setting themselves up for failure and disappointment.

People make resolutions about all sorts of things too, about a new diet, about a new exercise regime, about making more time for family, or for friends, about working harder, about quitting a bad habit, about starting a new habit...all sorts of things. 

As Christians, why not use the start of a new year as an encouragement to start a new habit that will enrich and encourage us in our Christian walk and faith.  

Here are a few ideas for some New Year’s Resolutions for 2014: 

  • Aim to read the Bible more regularly during the week (this is known as a quiet time). This is a great way to grow in your understanding of God and his revelation of Himself in His Word The Bible throughout 2015.  
  • Pledge to make prayer a regular part of your weekly Christian diet. Talking to your Heavenly Father shows that you rely on Him and that you want to thank Him for the good things He gives you and that you bring your concerns before Him.   
  • Make going to church a priority for your week. Meeting with other Christians at church is something that The Bible encourages us to do so that we can build each other up and be and support to each other.
  • Organise to meet up with another Christian to read the Bible. You might be a newish Christian, so you could ask an older Christian to meet up with you throughout 2014 and read the Bible with you and help you learn a bit more. Or if you have been a Christian for a long time, maybe find someone who is younger in the faith than you and see if they might like to meet up with you and read the Bible with you this year. 

Remember, when making these resolutions, we are not making them on our own will power and strength, we are standing firm in Jesus and He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us (1 John 4:13), so pray that God will strengthen and help you to be able to grow and be able to keep the resolutions and changes that you want to make for the new year!