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Five calming articles for stressed out teens

Feeling overwhelmed by life? These resources will help you find peace in the chaos.

1. From anxiety to true joy

Four steps to a restored connection with your creator.

For a season of my life, I struggled with a particular thorn. Anxiety. Most of you have probably met anxiety before. Whether that is on the odd occasion (just before an exam for example) or when anxiety has seemed to have moved in and said ‘hey, I’m sticking around here for a while’. That was my experience.

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2. Four steps to experiencing more peace in your life

Step one: Stop trying to control the world around you.


I couldn't find it.

Peace that I was making the right decisions. Peace that I was actually following God's will for my life. Peace that I wasn't wasting my existence on this planet. Peace that means I rest each night because I've done my best with my day.

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3. Trusting God when you're freaking out

What to do when the future seems really scary.

I live in the USA, and right now summer is coming to an end, and the start of school is approaching fast. Stores across America are “helpfully” reminding us of that. With sales on backpacks, binders, and pencils, how could we forget?

This coming school year is an important one for me because it’s my senior year of high school.

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4. How to find peace in a troubled world

What does the Bible say to those of us who are worried?

We live in a world that’s full of war, fighting, and turmoil. It doesn’t take much to see that people are hurting, filled with anxiety and lack of hope. Even among God’s people, we see our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world being persecuted for their faith. Is it even possible to find peace in such a world? Christians believe the answer to that is “yes.” 

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5. Three ways to manage stress in your last year of school

What's more important to remember than the answers to your exams?

I am probably one of the least equipped people to talk about dealing with stress. Every time someone asks me to share a prayer request, my brain immediately leaps to tasks I haven’t completed and looming deadlines. And like any good procrastinator, I’m not ashamed to admit I frequently watch funny cat videos (and more recently Golden Retriever puppies jumping into swimming pools) on YouTube.

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