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Five articles to help you love your family

You can't choose your family - but can you love them?

For some people, family is always a conscious priority and they enjoy tight-knit relationships with their siblings and parents. But for some of us, home is the place where our relationship with God is the least visible. 

If you're a Christian, it's good to reflect on your family relationships. Maybe you need to think more about how you worship God in your family interactions, maybe you just need some practical pointers on how to keep putting other people first when you're at home, exhausted, and struggling to respond with love.

Our writers are here to share their wisdom with you, and bring more of God's wisdom into your family home. 

1. Let's face it: family can be a struggle

From the outside looking in, some families can seem perfect - and you might be left wondering, Why is my family life so different? Well, take heart because in this helpful article Tamara Guy discusses some of the hard things about family life, and what our attitude ought to be as followers of Christ. 

2. How can I love my parents practically?

Being a Chrisitan at home can be difficult because it's where we start and end our day-to-day routines. So how can you show love to your parents amidst the daily grind? Well, aside from doing the washing up, you might consider some of Erica Appiah's advice on how to show love to your parents

3. And if my parents aren't Christian?

We've actually got a couple of articles on this topic. Living as a Christian at home can be challenging if your parents don't share your faith. In this article about honouring your non-Christian parents, there are a number of practical pointers on how to negotiate life at home when faith is a sticky subject - which children of Christian parents might find helpful too! 

Secondly, if you're parents aren't Christian, you might be wondering what the best way of sharing Jesus with them is. Have a read of this article about living in a non-Christian family and take heart, because you're not alone.  

4. I can love my parents - but my siblings?!

We all have different dynamics in our families. Maybe your relationship with your parents is a piece of cake, but your older or younger siblings make your life all the more difficult. Well, take a step back because while you can't change who your siblings are, you can change the way you relate to them. Find some wisdom from Elisabeth Carter as she shares five ways to be a better sibling

5. What should I be aiming for in my relationship with my siblings?

From Cain and Abel to Jacob and Esau, the Bible makes it more than clear that sibling life is often far from peaceful. Get some insight into what the Bible has to say about brothers and sisters, and what that means for you and your siblings. Dive in here