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Fervr’s Top 10 of 2010

Check out our most viewed articles and videos of the year...

Well it's been a big year at Fervr, with over 350 new articles, tens of thousands of visitors to the site, and we are now the most visited Christian youth site in Australia.

Fervr exists primarily because of the amazing ongoing contribution of a team of volunteer contributors. These guys do an incredible job, and they do it because they want YOU to love Jesus and grow more like him every day. If you know one of our contributors, give them a nice Christmas present this year - they deserve it!

This year the Top 10 most viewed articles & videos includes articles on dating, Facebook, and music, plus videos about iPhones, famous Christians, and crazy youth ministers. If there is any other article or video you found particularly helpful or enjoyable, please let us know, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article.

So now without further delay, we would like to present...


1. Bear Grylls talks about being a Christian

2. Top 13 Youth Group mixers and icebreakers

3. So you think you can date?

4. The 'Love' Video

5. What music should Christians listen to?

6. 'How great is our God' played on 4 iPhones

7. 'The Pit' Animation

8. Fight the youth ministry stereotype

 9. Is your Facebook a Fake Book?

10. How should I date?

What were your favourite articles and videos this year?

Did you have another article or video that didn't make it to the Top 10? Let us know what you enjoyed about Fervr this year, by leaving a comment below.

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