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Fervr Fashion Guide: Dressed for Success

Are you a fashion fanatic?

Here's some questions for both the girls and the guys. Are you obsessed with clothes? How much of your time do you spend at the shopping centre looking for new gear? How much money do you spend on the latest threads? How much time do you spend going through the fashion magazines? How long do you spend getting ready to go out? Does fashion rule your life?

God has blessed us with two great resources: money and time. Because they come from him, we should use them for him.

How much money are you spending on clothes? Are you determined to have the big name label, even if it means spending 5 times more than a similar, cheaper item? Are you constantly on the search for new clothes because you couldn’t possibly wear the same thing twice? Is this money that could be spent on something better?

How much time are you spending getting dressed? Does it take you over an hour to select an outfit and get ready to go to the movies with your friends? Is making sure that you’re wearing the right thing and fitting in with everyone else occupying all of your waking moments? Could you be using that time for something more useful?

When clothes become the most important thing in your life, then clothes become your god. God says “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) If you are a Christian, then you should not worship fashion. Find a compromise between looking good and devoting your life to fashion. You do not need to update your entire wardrobe every three months. You do not need to spend $200 on a belt. You do not need to buy something just because everyone else is wearing it.

Use your wisdom when it comes to fashion. Be obsessed with Christ, not with what you wear.

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