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Facing up to your doubts

Five ways to help you find assurance when your faith is feeling weak.

Doubting your faith is as old as the Gospel itself. The disciple Thomas doubted whether Jesus had risen from the dead, but soon realised the truth when he came face-to-fact with his Lord and Saviour.

While you and I probably won't have such an 'in your face' experience with Jesus, there's still plenty of things we can do when we start to get that nagging feeling that what we believe is all wrong. 

1. Understand what doubt actually is

There's different types of doubt - and there's plenty of people in the Bible who doubted. Find out more about what doubt is and why it happens.

2. Own your doubts

There's no point pretending that you're having doubts about your faith. But it can help to name your doubts and write down exactly what's causing you to doubt. Keep reading about owning your doubts.

3. Get help and get answers

None of us know everything, so it makes sense to start talking to others about your doubts and get some answers to the questions on your mind. Find out more about getting help and answers for your doubts.

4. Explore the evidence

At it's core, Christianity is based on an audacious claim that a man died and rose again three days later. If that fact is true, then everything else quickly falls apart too. Read this article to find out why you can trust the story of the resurrection

5. Embrace uncertainity and let your faith grow

Part of being human is knowing that we won’t always have exact answers. It’s a good skill to be able to say, “I don’t know everything. And that’s ok.” Find out more about how to persevere even in the face of doubt.