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Dear future husband…

A Christian teen girl shares some honest truths with the boy pursuing her.

Dear future husband,

I’m sorry in advance, but it would be really hard to make me say “yes” to you based only on your outward appearance ... because I probably won’t believe you.

  • I won’t believe we're right together because of any sweet words you’ll say.
  • I won’t believe we're a perfect match because of chocolates, flowers or any gifts you’ll give.
  • I won’t believe we're "meant to be", based on your talents, money, fame, appearance or intelligence.
  • I won’t believe you're good for me, even if you go to church every day and claim to be a Christian. 

Prove to me that you’re a man of God.

You know how? Well, you don’t need to show me anything, you don’t even need to pursue me, PURSUE GOD. Pursue my creator, protector and father. Love Him more than anything else, and at the right time, ask Him for my hand.

You know, you don’t need to search for anything that would make me happy. After all, I’m not that girl that dwells on happiness anymore. I realized that this world’s definition of “happiness” is foolish, it is just a temporary thing. It can’t be kept.

My smiles are cheap, yet they fade easily. Flowers, teddy bears and chocolates will make me smile for ~8 seconds, poems and letters for ~10, and some music for ~12, but, all of those are not even worth 1/nth of a lifetime. Search for something that will make God happy, search for it every day, every single second you have, then, he might give you my lifetime. And I promise, I’ll be smiling on the inside every moment we spend together.

“Through the good, and the bad, and the ugly” may it be, I’ll be there by your side. Yet, boy, if you’re reading this right now, I honestly can’t give you even a single space in my heart. Currently, this heart is that of a child—unsteady, unripe and broken, and I won’t let you have this kind of girl. I’m just a teenager, and I need more lessons from my Father. I need to contain myself, because right now, I am a raging fire, and I’ll only destroy you and burn the chance of a future with you. 

I’m sorry for raising the standard, but I’m not asking you to be perfect. Its just that you need to be validated by the one who is perfect. Study hard, love your parents (your family), learn to respect others, aim for a future, love God and follow Him.

I’m asking for this because, I’m a serious girl, and well, you’re not just aiming for a trial-and-error relationship, right? You’re aiming for a relationship that lasts ‘til death.

Well, you need to be a man (no one wants to babysit a boy) and personally, I want a man that will be a role model to younger people. One day, they too will be courted, and I want them to look at you as an example of someone worth spending a lifetime with.

Then, I also have these extraordinary parents, who laid everything they have for my sake. I would hate a man who’ll disrespect them. I already caused too much pain in their hearts, and it would kill me to see them experience that again.

Be a mature Christian, a man of God. If you’ll reach His hand, you’ll certainly have a chance of reaching mine.

Sincerely yours,

the girl who wishes to be known for her pure heart