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Celebrating your singleness

Learning a lesson from the Muppets about waiting for God.

Do you enjoy being by yourself? I don’t say alone because you’re never really alone, but do you enjoy being by yourself? Some choose to be by their selves, others love that feeling of having that group of people, or that special person in their life to be by their side.

Enter Gary and Mary.

Gary and Mary are two characters from Disney’s first new film of the Muppets franchise. I’m a huge Muppet fan, so pardon the nerdiness in this post for the time being, because it makes sense.

Gary is really concerned with his brother Walter (who oddly is a Muppet while Gary is human) and spends the bulk of his trip to Hollywood with him and the Muppets as they try to get the group together to save the Muppet Theater. Mary gets upset, and goes to dinner by herself, asking for a party of one. She begins to sing the following song, and I apologize for the many times you’ll play this in your head.

So a “Me Party” eh? She seems to enjoy being by herself. I mean obviously with her boyfriend of like a million years gone helping his Muppet brother, on a trip that was supposed to be just for her and him and NOT Walter, she’s taking it pretty well. I’d like to say she ends the movie by herself, but that’s not how Disney movies end. SPOILER ALERT, they get engaged, and they do indeed live happily ever after (what Disney movie doesn’t?)

Finding contentment in your singleness

How many of you are having a me party right now? And yes, I’m referring to the dating side of life. Having a “Me Party” is about acknowledging your singleness, and looking for ways to find contentment.


Did I say you could be content being single? Why yes I did! I’ve had to do serious soul searching the last 3 years in regards to dating. I’ve been a part of a broken relationship that didn’t pan out, one that I believed to be the dream one I wanted, because it was my very first REAL relationship. The day that ended, I was upset it was over but I was more upset because it wasn’t going to be the happily ever after tale I wanted and prayed for.

Fast forward 3 years, and I’m having a me party. Now it does get frustrating, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve learned something the last 3 years, as well as the last few weeks about this very thing. Patience is key. I need to wait for God to move instead of me forcing the issue and ending up with the wrong person. Does that mean I don’t talk to any girls? Absolutely not – I still do. But I can finally say for once that I’m content being single. I’m content having a me party.

Make Jesus your priority

I encourage you to dance, sing, and be yourself in everything you do. Don’t rush into a relationship that you know won’t pan out. Don’t date just to date. Date with intention. Date with purpose. I’ve recently just adapted to courting, because courting is a much better way of dating. It involves you getting to know a person, and learning who they are and what makes them tick.

The main thing to remember in the process of finding someone is not to get too frustrated, and to remain focused on Jesus. Dating can consume your life, and it can become a chore and become your life. If I do get married eventually, I know I will love my wife and any kids we might have. But Jesus is my priority and my first love in life. I live to make Him known and I live to make His will the life I lead.

Having a me party may not always be fun. It’s full of moments of frustration, and there will be moments of questioning and doubt. But don’t give up. Live your life for Jesus. And remember that He, above all people, loves you more than anything.