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Breaking News: Teenager does something

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Jessica Watson is one crazy teenager: she… did something. She is now the youngest to sail solo and unassisted around the world. On Saturday she arrived back in Sydney Harbour receiving a hero’s welcome from the Prime Minister, the NSW Premier, Channel Ten and tens of thousands keen on celebrating the milestone. I think some are shocked that a teenager could accomplish so much so young. It really is an incredible feat.

I thought it would be cool to hear of some stories you won’t see on the news about teenagers who are doing useful things. I know teenagers who:

  • give their pocket money away to help fight hunger
  • stand up at school and say they follow Jesus
  • do something useful with their schoolies trip
  • say no to having sex outside of marriage
  • pray for the persecuted church
  • care more about what God thinks than their friends think
  • don’t cut corners in their casual job
  • paid for the music on their iPod
  • honour their parents
  • can remember more Bible verses than The Simpsons quotes
  • don’t worship money
  • say sorry when they’re wrong
  • spend 10 minutes a day thanking Jesus
  • do hard things