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Australia Day 2011

Giving thanks & praying for Australia

Welcome to Australia Day 2011!

What are you doing today? Hanging out with friends and family? Going to the beach? Celebrating in the city?

In the middle of whatever you are up to, why not take the time to stop and give thanks for all that God gives us in Australia, and pray for the needs of our country.

Here's a few ideas I had, maybe you can add to the list (leave your comments below):

Give thanks for:

1) Religious freedom: We have the right to worship God, go to Church, youth group, read the Bible, and tell others about him without fear of persecution.

2) Political freedom: We have the right & duty as Australians to vote for who runs the country.

3) An abundance of beauty: God has created this magnificent country, with it's beaches, country-side and cities. Give thanks to him when you are enjoying them today.

4) Opportunity: Australia is a country where almost anything is possible. 

Pray for:

1) People who don't know Jesus: Most Australians still don't really care about Jesus. Pray for them, and pray for Australia as a nation, that God will reveal himself & many will turn to him.

2) Our leaders: Pray that Australia will be governed well & fairly, and that our leaders will seek God's will in their decisions.

3) The underprivileged: There is still inequality in Australia, with many homeless, poor, or in need. Ask that God will provide for the poor and needy. Pray that we will be generous & compassionate towards all people.

4) People affected by floods: Pray for those people who have been affected directly and indirectly by the floods across Australia. Pray that they will get the help they need & that God will use this time to draw people to himself.

5) The mentally ill: The outgoing Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry highlighted during 2010 that Australia needs to greatly improve it's treatment and funding of mental health. Pray for those who are depressed, anxious, or otherwise in need of mental health care. Pray that Australia will impove its treatment of those with mental health issues.