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8 articles to help you serve God, not money

Our authors share their wisdom on giving to church, generous living, and praying for wealth.

In the New Testament, Jesus talks about money more than any other issue - so it deserves your careful consideration.

We’ve done some thinking so you can explore what it is the Bible actually says about money – and how you can change your financial habits for God's glory. 

1. How much money should I give to Church?

Ever wondered what ‘tithing’ is—and if you have to do it? Mark Boyd explains what some churches do, and what the Bible actually says. A great starting point for the practicalities of Christian giving, and Church life. Give it a read here

2.  Praying for wealth and success

If you've ever found yourself questioning the things you pray for, this article could help point you in the right direction. Is it okay to pray for a happy, wealthy life? With a particular focus on money-related dreams, we'll show you some Biblical ways to approach how you pray, and what you pray for. Check it out

3. Are you bring generous with your money?

This article might prompt some soul-searching, as Edward Sowden delves into what attitudes the Bible says we ought to have when we give our money away. It's a particularly helpful read if you've been feeling resentful or confused about how much money God really wants you to give away. Get started here

4. Money and success

Maybe you don't think of yourself as someone who 'loves' money. But thinking about how we define 'success' in our lives and in the lives of those around us can reveal that wealth does play a part in value. This article by Graham Knox will help you consider what you think of as a 'successful' life--and how to bring it into line with Jesus' teaching. 

5. 6 steps to using money God's way (Part 1)

Okay, this is only 3 steps out of 6. But in this first post, Tara Sing takes us through contentment, the love of money, and how to avoid it. Drawing from the book of 1 Timothy, this article will take you to the heart of the matter, in a solid, biblical way. Which is always a good thing. 

6. 6 steps to using money God's way (Part 2)

Tara continues her guide against wallet-worship in three more helpful steps based on 1 Timothy. You'll find nuggets of wisdom on what you should be focusing on in life (as opposed to money), who your money really belongs to, and where our hope really lies as Christians. 

7. An article for the richest people in the world

For all our talk about dreaming of material wealth, isn't it true that by the world's standards we're already quite wealthy? If so, how do we make sense of what Jesus meant when he said that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God? Dave Miers offers a healthy reminder of what to keep in mind when it comes to you and your wealth - and your relationship with God. 

8. The poor, the rich, Jesus, and you

Samuel Mills reflects on the true benefits of living without material wealth. You'll see why it's not only right to cling to the things our world values, but it is also good. Start reading here.