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10 everyday activities that remind me of God’s greatness

Remembering God when you wake, sleep, or stare at your phone.

Here are 10 things I do everyday that remind me of how great God is, and how much I need him!

1. Wake up 

God never sleeps, never needs refreshment and is always perfectly strong. He is available 24 hours a day.

2. Check my news feed 

God already knows what each and everyone of us have put on our Facebook walls (and everything we will ever post in the future). He knows each and every detail, of every aspect of our lives and, unlike some of our “friends”, he really cares about those details.

3. Work out (or think about working out)

God will never decay. He has no need to get healthy or stay healthy. He is life itself and cannot die.

4. Drive

God is everywhere at once. He has no need for transportation. He is always with us and never gets stuck in traffic.

5. Eat

God is a big fan of food. He talks about it in his word, and even says that we WILL eat in heaven. The difference is I eat to stay alive. He is always full and in him, we are truly filled.

6. Look at my watch

A day to the Lord is as a thousand years. He is eternal. He always has been and alway will be. What this means is that he exists outside of time. Though God invented the second, minute and hour, there is no clock on his wall. He is never late, never early, never rushed and never bored.

7. Put someone on hold

I’m a phone guy. I talk on the phone all day. Sometimes, two calls come in at once and I have to switch over. God has millions of people praying to him all day and he can hear each one perfectly clearly. He invites all 7 billion of us to cast our cares on him for he cares for us.

8. Make evening plans

God is sovereign over every plan. He has every moment mapped out for the rest of eternity. He never asks anyone, “What are you doing tomorrow?” because he already knows. His plans never fall through, no matter what evil they face.

9. Update Twitter

God has spoken and given to us his perfect word. He never needs to change it or update it. Yet he constantly gets new followers and TONS of retweets haha.

10. Sin

God doesn’t lie. God doesn’t steal. God doesn’t covet. God doesn’t gossip. He is holiness, righteousness and purity. He is a fierce warrior against sin, especially my sin, and will one day rid me of it entirely.

What are some everyday moments in which you can worship God? What activities do you do on a daily basis that are actually opportunities for prayer?

Leave your comments and thoughts below.