Why wasn’t anything written about Jesus in his time rather then decades later?

Why wasn’t anything written about Jesus in his time rather then decades later?

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Why wasn’t anything written about a man who could walk on water in his time rather then decades later by people who were never there to see it. Masada stands and King Herod was written about so why not Jesus. Do you know any other Jews named Jesus?

The fact is that a great deal was written about Jesus, especially when you consider that the ‘historians’ of the time were writing about someone who to all intents and purposes appeared to be little more than an executed Jewish carpenter. Yet, even the remarkable nature of his life was already beginning to colour their accounts. You can read more about it here:


You may have also been led to believe that the Bible doesn’t contain eye-witness accounts, but that’s not the case either. In fact three of the primary records of Jesus’ life – the books written by the Apostle Matthew, the Apostle John, and Mark (who was a young disciple of Jesus and the probably the personal secretary of the Apostle Peter) are all first hand accounts written within 10-30 years of his death. The fourth primary account, or ‘Gospel’, was written by the medical doctor Luke (a companion of the early disciples) who starts his document with the assertion that he is putting down an ‘orderly account’ of those things told to him by ‘eye-witnesses’ so that his reader can be certain of the things he has heard. You can also read more about the reliability of the Bible as a historical document and an accuracy of modern translations here:


It might surprise you to know that we have more, first-hand evidence and recorded ‘history’ of the life of Jesus than we do of Herod the Great or the construction and use of Masada – more even than those recording the life of Julius Caesar, yet no-one seems to doubt his existence or the events that took place in his life.

Maybe the real rub comes, though, when we read about what those historically verifiable accounts actually say about Jesus. The miracles Jesus did, and the claims he made about himself as the Son of God and the only way to the Father – these are absolutely unique. There is no history like them.

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