Why is the Church against homosexuality?

Why is the Church against homosexuality?

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I want to know what God thinks about sexuality. Is it wrong to be gay/lesbian and to live as you truly are, as you were born to live? Why does it seem the Church is so against it, wouldn’t that be against the teachings of Jesus to hate and judge your fellow man?

Thanks for your question; you may not have spotted it, but there is a very detailed article on what God thinks about sexuality on the site. Click the link below and you’ll be taken to it:


Someone may have misled you about the teachings of Jesus, by the way. It’s a popular misconception that Jesus was all about stopping people hating each other and judging each other’s behaviour. But I can see where it might come from. There is a famous situation where a woman is caught in the very act of adultery and dragged before Jesus so that people could see what he would say – and he did respond with amazing compassion. You can read about it in the Bible, in John 8:1-11. He certainly warned people not to judge harshly, but not simply because judging others was intrinsically bad. Rather, he reminded them that everyone was going to face judgement one day (by God) and they would be better off considering their own failures than someone else’s. And when he finished speaking to the crowd, he addressed the woman and encouraged her, but finished by reminding her that though no-one stood around to condemn her, that didn’t mean she was free to sin. Sin – rebellion against God – was what had got her into the trouble in the first place.

Jesus came to set us free from judgment, but not simply the judgement of other people. He came to free us from the judgement that threatens to fall on everyone who persists in rebelling against God. The type of rebellion is immaterial in the end – it could be as bad as murder, as little as lying or as seemingly inconsequential as homosexuality – the seriousness is not measured by the deed but by the importance of the Person we are rejecting. God makes it clear that because He is perfectly just He will leave no sin unjudged. And since his standards are perfect, no-one is going to measure up on their own. The book of Romans, particularly Romans 3:23 can tell you more.

The important thing is that though God is perfectly just he is also perfectly loving. Jesus’ purpose for coming wasn’t to make people feel better about their life choices; it was a rescue mission. As John 3:16 puts it:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

A Christian is a person who ‘believes’ in (trusts) the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for his or her sins that will one day be judged, and seeks to live for God rather than against him. The church is keen to turn people away from what the Bible calls sin. It’s not just a life-choice; it’s positively harmful and the consequences can be eternal. That’s what Jesus really came to teach people.

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