Why is it uncomfortable talking about different world religions in school?

Why is it uncomfortable talking about different world religions in school?

Asked by Olivia

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your question. It is generally uncomfortable for most people to talk about religion for their entire lives. 

I guess this is because it is such a divisive issue at times. We look around the world at the problems that various religious groups cause, and the fights between religions, and many people say 'it's just too sensitive an issue to talk about'. 

Most people also don't like telling someone else that what they believe is wrong. And the reality is, if we go out saying Christianity is right and true, then that implies that other religions are not.

So what should Christians do?

We should always speak the truth in love. This means we don't shy away from telling people what we believe, but we need to be careful not to be overly aggressive or force people to listen to us. 

Jesus was great at this. He always spoke the truth, but always loved perfectly. 

So you should get prepared to talk to other students at school, and be ready with answers. But always do so with gentleness and respect, so they can see the love of God while also hearing about it.

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