Why do you believe in God when he doesn’t exist?

Why do you believe in God when he doesn’t exist?

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Why do you believe in God when he doesn’t exist? That is just weird to me.

It would be weird to believe in God if he didn’t exist. I wonder why you’re so sure he doesn’t exist? It’s a strange thing that throughout all of history the majority of people have believed in some kind of God and yet no one has been able to convincingly prove that he *must* exist.

Partly it’s because God is not like everything else in the world.

Normally the way we prove things is through science or logic. Science can’t apply to God because he isn’t a part of nature and science only deals with the natural world that we can see and touch. As for logic, people have tried to prove that God must logically exist (you can see summaries of such arguments here: http://www.existence-of-god.com/) but while these arguments may give you reason to believe he does exist, they don’t usually persuade people.

The Bible’s explanation of all this is that God created the world and people, but that humanity, as a group, decided not to live under God’s authority. We decided to forget God and made up our own gods. (Romans chapter 1 talks about this.) Even though most people have forgotten about the real God, people have a spiritual problem: they’re opposed to any suggestion that God should be their boss and that they owe anything to him.

So why do Christians believe in God even though they can’t see him? It’s because we’ve been convinced by reading the Bible that God is there and he is trustworthy. I can’t convince you that God exists and that he cares about you except by encouraging you to read the Bible for yourself. I suggest you try reading one of the gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke, or John because they’re all about Jesus. Jesus was the person who was able to tell us the truth about God because he’s the Son of God.

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