Why Christianity?

Why Christianity?

Asked by Ashlee

Why do people follow Christianity?

Hi Ashlee,

Let me tell you why I follow Christianity.

Christianity is all about a person - Jesus Christ - who lived and died and rose again. He made many claims about himself and backed them up by his actions. His ultimate claim is that he is God made human and that by dying on the cross he has opened the way for all of us to be reunited with God in perfect relationship.

I follow Christianity because I believe that what Jesus claims about himself is true and that by trusting him in this, I have been forgiven and am in a new relationship with God.

Why do I believe this? Because I have looked at the evidence and have decided that it makes sense. The eveidence is the eyewitness accounts of what Jesus did and said as they have been written down for us in the bible. I can read about what Jesus did and said and how people reacted to him in that book.

You can too - read one of the gospels (say Mark) and ask yourself who you think Jesus is. You may also want to have a look at a more detailed explanation of Christianity. And keep asking questions - the truth has a strange way of coming out when people look for it.


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