Why are some people born into suffering?

Why are some people born into suffering?

Asked by Yvonne

I have been struggling with a question posed to me by a non-believer. The
question is: Why are some people born into suffering? For example: severely
disabled / handicapped / diseased children, children born into war, poverty
and destitution. How can we explain why some people are born into fortunate
circumstances and some are not? Does it mean that God loves them any less?
Sometimes, these children have no chance in life to choose whether to
receive God in their lives. Will they still be saved?


Suffering is a difficult question to answer - in fact it is the most common question we look at here at christianity.net.au.

Suffering is symptom of a fallen and sinful world. It seems random, undeserved and meaningless - it makes a mockery of what we think life should be. Yet God is there in suffering in a surprising way and powerful way. The following feature should help you think about and answer your question. If it doesn’t please come back and answer another question.

Suffering in the Bible


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