What is water baptism all about?

What is water baptism all about?

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1) What is water baptism all about?

2) Do You have 2B baptised to become Be a christian?

Water baptism is something that the Bible encourages Christians to do because it symbolises what happens when a person becomes a Christian.  A Christian is a person who trusts in Jesus as their saviour and who follows Jesus as their ruler.  Baptism symbolises both dying and being raised again to life.  Just as Jesus did this physically, so Christians are to do this spiritually (this means a change in life direction from living life your own way to living God’s way).  Baptism also symbolises having your sins washed away, something that happens when a person turns to Jesus because his death means that whoever trusts in him is forgiven for all their sins. 

You don’t have to be baptised to become a Christian, because baptism is just the symbol.  The reality is what Jesus did 2000 years ago and what happens now inside of a person as they turn away from living life their own way and turn to living for Jesus.  Although you don’t have to be baptised to become a Christian, however, the Bible does expect that that is what Christians will do (See for example Romans 6:3 where the expectation is that the Christian readers who this letter was written to had been baptised).  You don’t have to be baptised to follow Jesus, but baptism symbolises that you are now following Jesus and so it’s a good thing to do. 

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