What if someone hasn’t heard about Jesus?

What if someone hasn’t heard about Jesus?

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What about those who have never heard about jesus?

This is a good question because it raises questions about God’s fairness. ‘How can God send people who have never heard about Jesus to hell?’

While this may be a good question, we should be careful that we are not using this question as an excuse to do nothing about the claim of Jesus on our life to turn back to him and trust in him.

The Bible does not specifically address how God will deal with those who have never heard about Jesus. However, we can be sure from what is revealed in the Bible that God is just. He is the God of justice, and will therefore be fair in all his judgements. He is fairer and more just that we are. The Bible says that he will judge people according to the way they respond to what has been revealed.

The Bible makes it clear that everyone has received some revelation. The very creation itself speaks of a God who is awesome in power, while the wonder of a human personality suggests that our creator is relational and personal.

However, our rebellious nature refuses to acknowledge this. Jesus taught that those who have had more revealed to them will be held more responsible. It is therefore a vital part of human responsibility to respond to the revelation that God has laid before you in the person of Jesus.

Followers of Jesus are people with a deep compassion for those who have not heard about Jesus, because he is the one who offers mercy and forgiveness for all humanity, who have rejected what God has revealed.

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