What does the bible say about when to get married?

What does the bible say about when to get married?

Asked by Anon

My boyfriend and I began dating when we were 15 and 16 and now almost 4 years later we are still together. I couldn’t love anyone more than I do him, and I know he is the guy I want to marry and he feels the same. Sexual Temptation is also a real problem for us, especially because the first 2 years of our relationship we were doing things with each other that we shouldn’t have (not sexual intercourse but other stuff) until we stopped 2 years into the relationship. We want to get married eventually but we don’t know how to make the decision. What age does God think it’s ok to get married? How can we make a Godly decision of when to get married? Does the Bible say something about making the decision to marry?


I can’t think of any Biblical reason why you two should not get married. You are male and female, you are both unmarried to another, I presume you are not too closely related and you are over the legal age of consent. Best of all, you both appear to want to serve our loving Father in heaven.

Getting married is a big step and so it is wise to also take into account some practical considerations first.

The Bible teaches us to honour our parents and so it would be good if you can take into account the wisdom of your parents. Does one of you have a job to support the new responsibilities you will have as an independent couple (if you are not already independent). Do you have a place to live. Age gap can be a consideration for some, but for you two it is not at all large and even if your boyfriend is the younger it is of no real concern.

If you go to the minister at your local Bible believing church he will have a marriage course that may help you both better understand what you will face in your marriage and what areas in your relationship could benefit from advice. One good course that I’m aware of is called “Prepare”. Also, if you are readers, there are many great books in Christian bookshops on the marriage relationship and also for those thinking of getting married. Some of the authors I like are Gary Chapman, Larry Crabb, Henry Cloud and John Townsend, and Ed and Gay Wheat. 

If you both maintain your committment to having Christ as the foundation of your relationship and continue to work at living the way we are taught in the Bible, I can’t see that you will not have a wonderfully loving and successful marriage despite all the ups and downs that come with living in our broken world. 

I pray that God will bless you both in your journey together.


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