What does the bible say about ghosts and near death experiences?

What does the bible say about ghosts and near death experiences?

Asked by michael

Does the bible say anything about life after death experiences and ghosts?
Is it possible that they are one of those things that we may never
understand in this life but can become dangerous if they draw our attention
away from trusting God?

Dear Michael,

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you about this. It is a good question to ask and it sounds like you are on the right track to an answer.

The bible says nothing (that I know of) about near death experiences or ghosts, so they are very much in the realm of speculation.

However the bible says a great deal about death and what happens after death and this is what we have to concentrate on. Whether ghosts or near death experiences exist, we know that at some point after death we will come face to face with Jesus and have to give an account of our lives. Faith in Jesus and his death is all that can save us at that point and if our speculation about ghost or near death experiences moves us away from this trust then it is a bad thing.

I think the best approach is to simply say we do not know about such things, but what we do know is that Jesus loves us and died for us and faith in him is all that can save us from the judegment that waits for us after death.


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