What about the person who cannot find out about God - will they go to hell?

What about the person who cannot find out about God - will they go to hell?

Asked by Tom

If a person is born on another planet where Christianity is not a religion
and the person has no way of finding that religion. They will that person
go to ‘hell’ for not believing in the correct god, even though they
have no way of being able to? This also applies the other way around, will
we all go to ‘hell’ if the correct god, goddess or god’s are not
worshiped on this planned?

Your question has a few assumptions built into to it, that we need to question. The first is, is there life on other planets that are able to speak to God and therefore have a relationship with him? If there is only one God, he musn’t be just and fair because he sends life to hell if they don’t worship him?

Your question really seems to be about showing that God is not fair because people on this planet should not be sent to ‘hell’ if they do not know God. But I will answer your question on the terms you have given it, while at same time answering this presupposition which seems to be behind your question.

The first thing that needs to be stated is that there is only one God (Isaiah 45). This is very important in understanding the answer to this question, because if there is only one God then he is the one who decides how people should relate to him. God through the Bible has made it clear through progressively telling us more about himself that the way we are to relate to him is through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-2).

God has made it clear how we are to relate to him, and if we will not relate to him in the manner that he has prescribed, then it is a challenge to his authority. This is what sin is, a challenge to God’s authority, who is the creator everything (Acts 17:22-30). If God is to be God then he must judge, otherwise he is saying that he is not God. It is only through his mercy that he has given us Jesus to pay the penalty in our place for our disobedience (Romans 5:8-9). It is in the death of Jesus where we see God’s mercy and justice come together (Romans 5:8-9).
In terms to the question of life on other planets. There is no place in the bible that tells us about life on other planets. So the truth is that no one can be sure about life on other planets. But the Bible does tell us that he created humanity to relate to him (Genesis 1-2). Speculating about life on other planets and whether it can relate to God is not important for humanity. God has told people how we are to relate to him and therefore people on this planet have to relate to God in the manner he has told us to!

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