Were Adam and Eve, pre-historic cave dwellers or apes?

Were Adam and Eve, pre-historic cave dwellers or apes?

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If Adam and Eve were our beginning, how does science find proof that we evolved from a lower species than we are today? Were Adam and Eve, pre-historic cave dwellers or apes, or even something less of a physical creature from B.C.?

Before we think about whether Adam and Eve were prehistoric cave-dwellers or apes, it’s worth remembering that the Bible has a different agenda to science books when talking about Adam and Eve and the start of the world:  Science asks “How did this happen?”, with man at the centre of the picture, while the Bible explains “Why did this happen?”, with God at the centre of the picture. 

This difference in purposes is shown in Genesis has God speaking to create the world (Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light), rather than an explanation of the science behind it.

When we read Genesis, we see Adam and Eve relating to God and to each other in just the same way that we relate now, so in that respect there’s no change in the way we relate to God or to each other since creation (no matter how different we might look).

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