Should I work for possessions?

Should I work for possessions?

Asked by Jack

Jesus says not to work for food which spoils does that mean that i can’t cook stuff because i’m working for it?

Hi Jack,

The short answer is no.

In that passage (John 6:25-59, and similar passages in Matthew 6:25-34) Jesus was seeking to encourage his listeners to focus on God’s kingdom rather than the world, he wanted them to seek after God’s kingdom rather than get bogged down in the cares and concerns of this world. That’s not to say that we do not work to eat, or work to be clothed or work to have shelter but the FOCUS of our lives should not be on these things - building wealth and gethering possesion. Rather, our focus should be on following him and doing what we can to enter God’s kingdom.


Because in the end, all our food, all our possessions, all our wealth fades and wastes away. The only thing that lasts forever is God and his Kingdom.


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