Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible

Asked by Tania

My bible study group has an aim to finish reading the bible in a year. Some weeks I’m better than others but at the moment I am struggling to do this and find it hard making time for it. What practical tips can you suggest to keep up with reading the Bible?

Hi Tania,

This is a great aim!  A few things might help:

i. Little and often might be a helpful principle.  It is probably easier to try and read a bit every day rather than a ‘mega’ session once a week.  And within a day, it might be easier to read in mini-blocks.

ii. Be careful of getting into a ‘guilt trip mentality’. It might help to think of the Bible as food.  You don’t feel guilty when you miss a meal - you feel hungry!

iii. Don’t let the year deadline be a rod for your back. If it takes you 18 months that’s fine!

iv. Keep praying and ask God to help you read his word in the right way.


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