Is there any solid proof that there is a God or is it all just wishful thinking?

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Is there any solid proof that there is a God or is it all just wishful thinking?

Your question reminded me of a question which Jesus had to answer. People came and asked him for a sign (a miracle) to prove that he was from God.  Interestingly, Jesus said no (Mark 8:11-13).  Jesus never actually performed a miracle when people were asking for proof.  Of course, he did plenty of miracles, but usually for people who already believed in him.

You might ask why Jesus acted this way.  Well, on the one hand, he knew that some people would never believe, no matter what proof they saw.  He said that some would not be convinced even if someone rose from the dead (Luke 16:31).  But on the other hand, for those who were willing to believe, he had already given plenty of proof.  He healed people who had been blind and lame for decades, he calmed a storm with a word, and he even raised people from the dead.  (By the way, these miracle stories are not legends.  The people who wrote the Bible clearly believed that they really happened.)

So the question comes back to you really.  Are you willing to believe in God?  If not, then no amount of proof will convince you.  But if you are willing, then you will find that God has left plenty of evidence that he is there.  The central piece of evidence is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, who is God in the flesh.  The best place to start investigating this is by picking up a Bible and reading one of the biographies of Jesus - Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 

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