Is kissing your girlfriend a sin? Or is it only actual sex?

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Is kissing your girlfriend a sin? Or is it only actual sex?

The reason that sex outside marriage is a sin is to keep marriage special. It means that your marriage partner is the only person who ever knows you in that most intimate of ways. God has made marriage like that as an illustration of the special, exclusive relationship he has with his people.

This can help us as we think about kissing and stuff.  You need to think about it in light of the fact that you might one day be married.  Although you can’t be sure you’ll end up married, there’s a pretty good chance that you will.  What’s more, there’s at least a possibility that you won’t be married to your current girlfriend.

Fast forward in your mind to the time when you are married. God wants (and you will want) your marriage relationship to be as special as it can be.  So the less you do now physically with your girlfriend, the more special your marriage relationship will be.  It will also make it easier for you to be satisfied with your wife if you don’t have other experiences to compare her with.

The Bible does not draw a specific line, like “holding hands is OK but kissing is out”.  You need to work it out using your own conscience.

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