Is it wrong to have sex before marriage?

Is it wrong to have sex before marriage?

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Is it wrong to have sex before marriage?

The short answer is that Christians believe it is wrong to have sex before marriage, based on what the Bible says about both sex and marriage.

The long answer is about what the Bible does say about sex and marriage. It teaches that from the beginning men and women have been created for an exclusive and committed relationship, which is marriage. This is the picture of Adam and Eve’s relationship in Genesis 2 and 3 - sex is part of what creates the unity of the marriage relationship. The Bible sees this as the proper place for sexual activity, so both the Old and New Testaments, the two parts of the Bible, speak strongly against all forms of sexual activity outside the marriage relationship, because they are acts that destroy that exclusive and committed relationship. Lastly, the exclusive and faithful nature of marriage is supposed to be a sign of the relationship between God and his people. Paul speaks about this in his letter to the Ephesians, in chapter 5 - talking about how the marriage relationship is to reflect Jesus’ relationship to the church.

Ultimately, God’s purpose for sex is for our good, since he has designed us in a particular way - he wants us to enjoy sex as a good gift, but as part of the greater gift of a committed and loving relationship - marriage.

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