Is God dead because he is in heaven?

Is God dead because he is in heaven?

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Is God dead because he is in heaven?

No not all.  In the beginning, before anything existed (the universe, our planet Earth or even heaven) God created them.  Genesis 1:1.  God lives in heaven because that is the home he created for himself.  He did not have to die to go to heaven.

We know even more then just that, we know that God came down from heaven to live with people for a while.  God came down as Jesus, who you can find out more about by reading the Bible, the book of Mark is a good place to start.  Jesus lived like you and me but he also died (Mark chapters 14 - 16).

We find out that the reason he dies was to take away all the bad things we have down that have hurt God (the Bible call this sin).  So Jesus, God the Son did actually die but after
three days he came back to life, we celebrate this at Easter time.  When Jesus came back to life he had a real body like you and me, he ate food like me and you except his body would never die again.  So when he went back to heaven after talking with his friends for a while he went there to live forever with a body that will never die. 

This is what the Bible promises to all who follow Jesus (Christians) that even though they may die, Jesus will one day return to Earth and give all the Christian who have died new bodies that will never die again and never do any wrong and we will live in heaven with God forever.

You can find all this in any of the books Christians call gospels they are called Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, named after the people who wrote them.

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