Is abortion bad?

Is abortion bad?

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Is abortion bad?


The short answer is yes, God does not approve of abortion. However the current debate about abortion makes it a very difficult and emotive subject to talk about.

God as the creator and sustainer of all things, is the creator of all life including you and me. This gives him certain rights including ownership of all that he has created. He not only deserves our thanks and honour but it is his by right. He also ‘owns’ us in the sense that he has the right to determine who we are and how we live and when we die. The upshot of this is that our lives are not our own to determine when we die nor is the life that may be growing within a woman’s body.

Much of the debate around abortion is about just this. Who has the right over what happens to their body. It is easy to argue that an individual has that right but ultimately the bible says it is God. As hard as it may be, if we want to live God’s way then we are not at liberty to end our own life nor the life of an unborn child.

Yet God is not unforgiving. If we sin in this way it is (in many respects) like other sin - God can and does forgive those who truely repent.

This is a difficult and emotive topic and therefore difficult to deal with properly in this context. However I hope what I have written is helpful.


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