If I baptise my child will he go to heaven?

If I baptise my child will he go to heaven?

Asked by Marcus

If I baptise my three month old son will he go to heaven?  I can’t bear the thought of him dying and going to hell!  What assurance can Christianity and the Bible give me?

Dear Marcus,
You have a healthy concern for your son’s spiritual welfare, which I must commend.

In answer to your question, let’s consider what God says through scripture.

Biblically, baptism is an outward sign declaring a person’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Scripture records adults baptism because of their voliltional acceptance of Jesus Christ as their King and
personal Saviour.

Scripturally, there is no record of babies being baptised. The only possibility that comes to mind is the Phillipian jailer in Acts 16:31-33.
He and his whole household were baptised. A baby may have been baptised then, but there is no scriptural command.

Additionally, Jesus blessed the children that were brought to him in Mark 10:16. “Jesus took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them”.
But the children were not babies, and secondly Jesus didn’t baptise the children.

However, scripture does say that those who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and King will not enter heaven (John 12:48).
Babies are unable to reject Jesus Christ. We believe in a God who is just and loving. He judges and punishes with justice on the basis of what a person knows

So rest assured your baby will go to heaven if he died while a baby.

I hope this gives you the peace God promises us in Christ Jesus.


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