If God is all knowing why does he create people who he knows will not be saved?

If God is all knowing why does he create people who he knows will not be saved?

Asked by Joe

I would be interested in hearing your answer to a question of mine.
Say for argument sake that i will live my life out and die as an atheist. i would be judged a sinner and sent to hell for eternity.
Now, God is all knowing. He knew before i even existed that i would choose to be an atheist. He knew he would end up sending me to hell. Even if i had the opportunity to accept jesus, he KNEW i wouldn’t, because he is ALL KNOWING. So then why would he allow me to come into creation knowing that i would not be saved, and sent to hell?
I hope to hear a response from you soon, and maybe we can talk some more.

Thanks for the question.  God is indeed all knowing and nothing happens out of his control and knowledge.  So when people sin against him, he is not caught by surprise and needs to come up with a rescue plan to deal with the mess.  He has always known what he is doing in saving people.  Out of his goodness and kindness, he chooses to save mankind who sins terribly by rebelling against him.  It is really something that God does that mankind does not deserve.  Out of his mercy, God chooses to save some from the eternal punishment they rightly deserve.  By sending Jesus to die in their place, God gives forgiveness to them. 

Therefore, because of our sins, our default position in front of God is his judgment and punishment.  This is what we deserve.  But God gives us something that we do not deserve, that is his love shown through his forgiveness in Jesus.  That’s why the Bible does not speak of God creating people that he does not save.  Rather, the Bible speaks of God choosing some that he saves.  It is God’s ultimate goodness and kindness shown to us.  So the question for us is whether we have accepted such kindness by trusting God’s son Jesus Christ. 

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