How old is God?

How old is God?

Asked by michael

How old is God?


First I want to apologise for taking so long to answer your questions. We have been making changes to the site and we have not been able to process questions until now.

How old is God? The short answer is that he has no age at all!

The bible presents God as the creator of all things - including time and space. He cannot be measured in those terms because He is “outside” them.

We, who have been created by God and are constrained by time and space, talk in terms of the size of something and the age of something. But God is not constrained by such things therefore we cannot speak of him as being so tall or being of such and such an age.

This is good for us because it means that God is in control of such things and when we put our trust in him we can have confidence in his ability to do as he pleases.

I hope this answers your question OK. Please ask another one if you want.


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