How do I know which religion is true?

How do I know which religion is true?

Asked by Kathleen

I have been to my friends church that is “Baptist”.  All I felt like when I left there was they make you feel like you are nothing unless you are perfect like Jesus was.  They feed on people if they are “saved” or not. 
What’s the deal?  A cult? Really how do you know which religion is real? I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!

It can be very confusing to understand what the difference is between “denomination” (Baptist) and “religion” (Christianity). A “religion” is a set of beliefs and practises relating to life, nature and the supernatural. Broadly “denominations” are subsets of these beliefs and values. The “Baptist” church that you attended is a denomination of the Christian religion.

Working out which one is “true” is a bit more difficult. You need to find out about the beliefs of each religion and ask yourself “Does this make sense of the world, of me and all that I know?”.

At that heart of the Christian religion is the belief that there is a God and that this God has shown us what he is like, and we can read all about it in the Bible. The main way to work out if Christianity is true is to read the Bible and explore the claims of Jesus Christ, who is the central figure.

The bible says that we are all special because God has made us and loves us. God wants a relationship with us but because we have chosen to ignore him we have broken this relationship and He is angry with us. Rather than leave us in this state God has taken action.  Jesus took this anger upon himself, suffered on a cross and died. This act opens up the way for us to be forgiven and be reconcilled with God. This is the good news of the bible.

So can I suggest that you start with the bible and read one of the gospel accounts of Jesus. If you have other questions then feel free to come back to the site and ask them.

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