How can we rely on what is in the Bible?

How can we rely on what is in the Bible?

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How can we rely on what is in the Bible? How do we know that the disciples were speaking the truth? Or were they leading us to what they want us to believe?

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However, many people reject the Bible in the end for completely different reasons than historical ones. As a historical document the Bible is one of the most reliable on the planet. Modern access to ancient texts that date back to the second century AD (probably secondary copies for the New Testament) and hundreds of years before Jesus (copies of the Old Testament) show that the words written in the Bible you take down from a shelf today are almost identical, allowing for the nuances of translating from one language to another. This shouldn’t be surprising – people have been taking a great deal of care in copying the Bible for thousands of years, and the number of copies made means that errors have been quickly spotted, even documented.

But in the end it’s not the Bible’s pedigree that worries most, it’s the Bible’s message. Many people believe there must be something wrong because they can’t believe the evidence it presents that there is a God, that He will judge people who reject Him, that Jesus was His son and that he died so that we could live.

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