How can I help my boyfriend find out about Christianity?

How can I help my boyfriend find out about Christianity?

Asked by Sara

Okay so my boyfriend has never been exposed to Christianity at all. And I have taken him to church but it just seems to confuse him because he does not know anything about God. He is very open minded and interested in learning. What would be a good way to ease him into getting to know more about the Christian faith? I was thinking a book…but I have not found a good one…any suggestions? Or maybe even having him come to this website?

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your question.  Taking your boyfriend to church is a good idea, because there he should be able to hear the Bible read and explained clearly, and also see Christian love in action.  If there are things that he doesn’t understand then perhaps you could ask the minister after the church service to explain them?  Hopefully your church is one where the Bible does get read and explained clearly and where the people do show Christian love to one another!  If this isn’t the case then it could make things harder, but it’s probably still worth persisting with.  After all, becoming a Christian means that we become part of God’s family, so it can’t hurt to start meeting other Christians now. 

Taking him to this website is a good idea.  It’s designed to help answer people’s questions and to teach what Christianity is all about, so it’s pretty much made for this kind of situation.  If he’s got specific questions then he could look at some of the answers that have already been given, or he could ask a question online himself. 

As for books, there have been heaps written to help people understand the basics about Christianity.  If there’s a Christian bookstore near you then you could possibly ask them for advice.  One that I would recommend would be A Fresh Start by John Chapman.  You can order it for $9.95 + postage from this website:

Probably the best book to read though would be the Bible.  The Bible is more like a library of books than a single book itself, so tell him that he doesn’t have to start from the beginning and work his way through.  A good place to begin would be one of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.  They are the first books in the New Testament, so he could find them by looking them up in the contents page. 

And of course, through all of this, it’s important that you keep praying for him and making sure that you live a godly Christian life yourself.  People often become attracted to Jesus because they see his power at work in other people’s lives.  If he can’t see that being a Christian makes a difference in your life then he probably won’t think it’s worth bothering with. 

I hope that all helps.  I’ll pray that he does indeed become a Christian. 



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