Has science disproved God?

Has science disproved God?

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Has science disproved God?

http://www.sydneyanglicans.net/images/uploads/christianity/fact_science_icon.pngSome people have a nagging feeling that science has disproved God.

Darwin, for example, suggested the theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin’s ideas were taken on like an alternative religion by many people – as if God was no longer needed because nature was the ruling force behind everything. Philosophers joined in with Nietzche coining the phrase ‘God is dead’. Many suggested we live as if God was a myth.

In recent years, many scientists are turning back to the idea of God as the higher creative power behind the universe. Believing in God and being a scientist can go together.

Many people admit to the limits of science – it can only answer some kinds of questions about life.

Many of the ‘why’ questions cannot be dealt with by science. Science is not the place to look for all the answers about relationships. We still want to know answers that give meaning to our existence and we still seek and need to find purpose in our lives. These days many people are aware of the spiritual dimension to life and know that science cannot give all the answers we need.

Christians believe that the answers to these deeper questions of meaning and purpose can be found in God himself and in God’s action to enter our world in the person of Jesus.

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