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God and making a decision about career.

by fervreditor


How do you know what career God wants you in?


I’m not sure that God thinks in terms of careers like we tend to. Rather, I think that there are a few questions that we need to ask first:

Where can I best serve the people I work with?
Where can I best serve people through the work I do?
Where can I best serve people because of the work I do?

The first question, for example, would suggest that you should look for a job that makes it easier to love and serve those you work with. Avoid something that will make you frustrated or angry. The second question means you should look at something that is ethical. I can’t see God wanting anybody working in industries that damage people – whether they be obvious ones, like gambling or pornography, or more covert, like tobacco. And the third question observes that employment is also a means to an end: go for a job that will allow you to support yourself financially, and then to support Christian ministry – both financially and materially, with your own time. Or even better go for a job that directly supports Christian ministry – there are many around.

In other words, it’s about finding work that supports the spread of the gospel when you’re at work, and when you’re not. There are many jobs that people can do that meet this target.

Don’t worry about career – Jesus switched from carpentry to saviour of the world! – but think about how you can serve God now, and let your employment choices fit in with that.

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