Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Did Jesus rise from the dead?

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Did Jesus rise from the dead?

The resurrection of Jesus is crucial to a Christian’s faith.

So much rests on this truth.  It took Jesus’ followers by surprise when he came back to life again. The women who went to his tomb and found it empty were at first completely bewildered. When the women told his disciples, they didn’t believe it (Luke 24:11).  Jesus appeared to so many people that in the end it was clear his resurrection was true (1 Corinthians 15:3-8). 

Jesus’ followers were transformed from cowering mourners to bold proclaimers of his story. It was seeing Jesus alive again that instigated such a great change.

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees our new relationship with God.

This is a critical truth for followers of Jesus. It means Jesus’ sacrifice was accepted by God as adequate for our sin. It means Jesus is alive today, ruling this world and keeping his promises. It means we can look forward to his return. It means Christians can have a firm hope in their own resurrection.

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