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Can I trust the Bible?

by fervreditor


Can I trust the Bible?


There are many myths about the Bible.

Some people suggest that the Bible has been changed over the centuries through errors in translation. In fact we know more about the ancient texts and languages now than we ever have. Translations are getting more accurate, not less.

Others say that the Bible has been deliberately changed. However, the evidence from the most ancient texts shows a consistency in the texts, with no evidence that along the way some people decided to change a few things here and there.  Those who copied the texts had strong motivation to do their job without allowing any errors into their work. Ancient copies of the Bible texts, like those found in the Dead Sea Scrolls actually validate the accuracy of modern translations.

The gospel books about Jesus are based on eyewitness accounts.

Luke and Mark were written by people who interviewed eyewitnesses. John and Matthew were probably eyewitnesses themselves. They travelled with Jesus for over three years.

It’s unlikely that these eyewitnesses would lie about what they saw and still be prepared to be imprisoned or even executed for their claims.

The best thing to do is to read the accounts for yourself. Start with Mark’s gospel. Let the Bible speak for itself.

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