Am I Gay?

Am I Gay?

Asked by tom

Am i gay?

Hi Tom,

This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing you. But I can make some general observations and point you to some articles that speak about God’s attitiude to sex and sexuality.

Sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of our human identity. It’s a complex mixture of our biology and psyche that affects every aspect of our lives, particularly our relationships. If we get it right our sexuality can be the basis of our most intimate and fulfilling relationship. If we get it wrong it can be devestating. Because of this and our world’s liberal attitude to sexual expression, we are inclined to abuse it and become confused about it.

Yet the bible is very clear about sex and sexuality - it is a great gift from God to be expressed as part of a close intimate marriage relationship. As such it brings a couple close together and helps them to form that “oneness” that male and female were created for. But if it is expressed in other ways it is corrupted and marred and can never fulfill its purpose.

This is a very short precis of what the bible says. There are several good articles on this site which cover these topics in more detail. If after you have read this you have further questions then please come back and ask them.

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