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Youth group icebreakers - now on your phone!

(and Fervr has 5 free copies to give away!)

Calum Henderson has followed up his killer Group Games iPhone App with another solid Youth Ministry tool. Calum’s latest release in his Group Games Network is the Icebreaker Questions iPhone App. Check out the short intro vid:

What's it all about?

Have you ever led a small group and needed a quick question to find out a little something about others?

Have you ever interviewed someone and wanted a non-standard question to get to know a bit more about who they really are?

Have you ever been in an awkward conversation and needed something to kick-start things?

Then this may just be the App is for you!

I regularly use Group Games and I’m sure that IceBreaker Questions will, likewise, be useful in my church's kids and youth ministry.

I’ve clicked through a significant number of the random questions in this new app. They are creative, interesting, funny and would certainly be great conversation starters. I have a ridiculous number of apps on my phone. This one is probably the simplest! It does what it says it will do.

Want a free copy? 

Fervr has 5 free copies of IceBreaker Questions to give away. The first 5 people to write "I want a copy!" in the comments section below, win! If you miss out, it only costs 99c. Get on it!