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Top 10 Christian Youtube Channels

Check out these channels that will help and challenge you as a Christian.

YouTube is an amazing platform to promote music, crafts, and video games. With millions of videos uploaded on a daily basis, it’s easy to find people we can relate to and subjects we are passionate about. At the same time, it is very hard to find YouTube channels that reflect Christian ideals, especially for teenagers. While they may be hard to find, there are still many YouTubers that strive to spread the Gospel message to all their viewers using their gifts and talents. So here are the Top 10 YouTube channels you should follow:

10. ChaseGodTV

Joseph Solomon is a native born Texan who started ChaseGodTV in his own Houston apartment! Joseph, realizing that he is not perfect, knew the only way to teach other imperfect people how to live a just life was to point them to someone who embodies perfection: Jesus. Joseph’s videos consist of short sermons and slam poetry that discuss common struggles through a biblical lens and give practical advice for how to address them. So if you love poetry, music, and the Gospel wrapped in one package, I definitely recommend this channel to you!

9. The Fit Pastor

Carrington Allen Brown, or the Fit Pastor, puts a unique spin on the word of God. As a former high school football player, Carrington’s channel consists of 8-minute sermons and fitness vlogs. Carrington’s channel not only documents his faith life, but advice on how to stay fit, motivated, and eat a balanced diet. His greatest motivation is to be the greatest man God has created him to be and to remind people what their worth is and to get them back to their source, Jesus Christ.

8. Jon Jorgenson

Jon loves to tell stories, and with a background in Broadway acting and a creative persona to match, Jon really captivates his audience. What is really wonderful about Jon’s videos, however, are the powerful messages of love, courage, and confidence they emulate. Jon’s channel consists mainly of cinematic sermons and slam poetry performances that point his audience towards God and his purpose for us. 

7. Heather Lindsey

Heather Lindsey is the living epitome of woman power. Heather founded Pinky Promise, an organization dedicated to promoting abstinence, godly dating, and healthy marriages, and teaches her viewers that their value comes from God alone. In her videos, Heather discusses relationships, overcoming depression, double standards, and how to live as a godly woman in a secular world.

6. The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a creative studio in Portland, Oregon that makes beautiful short, animated videos. The creators strive to show their audience how to apply the Bible’s into modern day life. Each video discusses a book of the bible, its key themes, characters, and how its message ultimately leads to Jesus.

5. The Good Christian Music Blog

Looking for new music to add to your Spotify? The Good Christian Music Blog has 200 songs you can download. The motto of this channel comes from Matthew 11:15: "Whoever has ears, let them hear." This channel is dedicated to sharing Christian music from all genres including hip hop, electronica, and even indie.

4. Katie Gregoire

One of the younger vloggers on this list (19 years old), Katie is a vibrant, Captain America loving vlogger with a lot to say.  While most of her videos document her daily life or dramatic childhood diary readings, she also delves into deeper subjects like her experiences in youth group and double standards for Christian women. Throughout her channel, Katie makes her message clear: our value comes from God, and nothing can separate us from His love.

3. That Christian Vlogger

Justin Khoe, or That Christian Vlogger, is a Christian YouTuber and vlogger. His purpose is to use his love of film to create a space for teenagers to witness “faith in first person”. His videos range from personal testimony to bible study to questions about homosexuality and the bible. His content also covers a wide variety of perspectives from other fellow Christians to encourage healthy, respectful discussion amongst his audience.

2. The Skit Guys

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Tommy Woodard and Eddie James started out as high school class clowns. Now, they make their living by sharing the word of God through comedic skits, dramas, and short plays. Filled with fun, laughs, and even tips on how to start your own drama team.

1. Jefferson Bethke

Known mainly for his spoken word poetry, Jefferson’s videos address many tough topics such as religion vs relationship and resisting false gods. He speaks God’s message of hope honestly and openly. His main goal is to have people look at everyday issues from a different perspective so they may be open minded to all peoples and backgrounds.