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Top 10 technology tips for Christian teens

Using technology for the glory of God!

1. Send a Facebook/Email/Text weekly encouragement to a friend.

We are so connected with so many people. Use this great technology to encourage, challenge and love your friends with regular messages. For example, this year I sent a short message to every single one of my Christian facebook friends.

2. Set a prayer reminder alarm on your phone.

It’s an easy way to develop a regular prayer habit. We all have phones with us all the time, why not use in a helpful way. For example, I have a 6pm reminder every day to pray for my family.

3. Post a verse from days Bible reading.

This is an easy way to share the Bible and challenge friends to think about Jesus. Websites like make sharing easy.

4. Read article once a week.

Right here! There is heaps of good content that is worth reading and some cool videos too.

5. Subscribe to The Timothy Strategy prayer email.

Get relevant prayer points sent to your inbox once a fortnight or submit your own (

6. Have computer in a public place and check your security setting.

It is a good idea to stay safe and keep yourself accountable against unhelpful websites. It is easier to make mistakes or be tempted when you are aone behind a closed door.

7. Call someone and invite them to hang out.

Why not get a bit of face-to-face interaction rather than face-to-computer.

8. Subscribe to a Christian blog.

While you are on the internet why not visit somewhere worthwhile. Try or

9. Download a Christian podcast for your iPod.

There are heaps around now eg Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Tim Keller. Why not listen to something fruitful? Try

10. Talk to your parents before getting on the computer.

Too often we rush to tell the facebook world how we are or lock yourself in your room. Don’t neglect your parents! They want to know how you are.