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Top 10 Christian Instagram Accounts

Who to follow to strengthen your walk with Christ.

Written by Libby Robinson

Disclaimer: these are not in any specific order, all of them are equally great!

1. @goodnewsfeed 
For daily Christian quotes, verses, and devotionals, Good News Feed is absolutely wonderful. They frequently post challenges to strengthen your faith and encouraging testimonies to help empower you.

2. @shereadstruth 
For all the gals out there, She Reads Truth is an amazing account that posts encouraging scriptures, quotes, and devotionals almost daily. They also have an app to go along with it that has great daily Scripture reading plans and phone wallpapers.

3. @trustgodbro 
For short bits of encouragement throughout your week, check out Trust God Bro.

4. @youversion
For daily encouraging passages of Scripture, follow You Version. It’s the number one Bible app for your phone.

5. @churchmemes 
For Christ-related laughter, check out Church Memes. They have relatable and funny content.

6. @30daysofbiblelettering 
If you’re into the handlettering/calligraphy trend, follow 30 Days of Bible Lettering for beautiful Scripture quotes.

7. @ogloriousday 
For those who love coffee and deep thoughts about Christ, check out O Glorious Day on Instagram.

8. @godlydating101
If you’re looking for Godly dating advice, check out Godly Dating 101 and give them a follow.

9. @jesusoursforever 
Although this account was started very recently, it has quickly grown and become a great source for daily Christian encouragement and short devotionals.

10. @iamidentified1994 
For super empowering and uplifting posts about who you are in the Savior, check out I Am Identified on Instagram.